Situation Analysis

Review of the internal and external environment of

the United States Equestrian Federation

USEF analysis

One of the hardest projects I have completed while at Auburn was for my Case Studies and Ethics class. We individually created our own situation analysis of the company or organization of our choosing. Because of my love for everything equestrian, I chose to study and learn about USEF. It is the governing body for almost all equestrian sports in the United States and apart of the Federation Equestrian International (FEI).

My analysis of USEF included its history, background, rules and policies, governing hierarchy, internal culture, external and internal issues and problems, opportunities for USEF, and in the end a complete public relations breakdown of what USEF can do to change their image and problems they are currently facing. I included strategies, objectives and tactics suggestions that I thought would help expand their visibility, among other problems they face.

This is a proof of concept mock-up that is no way affiliated or endorsed by USEF or any other organizations. This was strictly a project for class to demonstrate my ability to do in-depth research on a company.