Repositioning Project

NASCAR & Fox Sports 1

"Increase viewership of NASCAR through Fox Sports 1 channels and expand NASCAR's demographic."

Through my Public Relations Campaigns class, I had the amazing opportunity to work with Fox Sports 1 and NASCAR to create a complete public relations proposal for them. The campaign is intended to increase viewership of NASCAR on Fox Sports 1's channels and expand the shrinking demographic of NASCAR fans. I worked with a group of four classmates to produce our campaign, "NASCARNOISE." Our campaign was chosen as the winner out of all the groups competing. Check out the official page here.

We incorporated the use of social media to expand NASCAR's demographic and at the same time promote Fox Sports 1. NASCARNOISE is a complete PR proposal that can be used solely online through social media, contests and give-aways, or taken off-line to use in physical locations. Please click on the image below to read our complete proposal online via Calameo.


Fox Sports 1 was experiencing a decline in viewership of its NASCAR coverage. There was a strong need to re-brand NASCAR to appeal to a younger demographic and create more interest in the sport.


We created a top to bottom public relations campaign focused on the goal above. Our campaign was called NASCARNOISE and was based on social media involvement, but was available to be a physical campaign as well. NASCARNOISE, at the core, is a compilation of user-generated viral videos shared throughout social media of people doing their best impression of "what NASCAR sounds like." The plan was to make funny, shareable videos that would boost NASCAR's presence in our target publics' mind. With that, Fox Sports 1 could created contests, give-aways and prizes for the videos, which would be announced during races, so users would want to tune in to hear who won.


Our campaign was selected by Fox Sports 1 directors out of the four campaign groups competing. Our group was fortunate to get mentioned on Fox Sports 1's website and flown out to Charlotte, North Carolina, for "10 Days of Thunder" in May 2015.