Education & Relevant Coursework

  • Bachelor of Arts in public relations
    Auburn University

    Graduated with a degree in public relations and a minor in marketing from Auburn University in May 2015.

  • Journalism Fundamentals
    AP Style

    This class is the first class public relations and journalism students are required to take before they can continue to their major courses. Journalism Fundamentals is a weed-out class designed to make sure students have a full comprehension of grammar, word usage and AP Style. Based on a strict grading scale, students can only pass with an 84 or higher. We used the most current AP Stylebook for reference and learning.

  • Journalism Courses
    The courses listed below are additional classes I took to expand my journalism background.

    Newswriting | Feature Writing | Broadcast Journalism

  • Marketing Courses
    The courses listed below are classes I took to get my marketing minor.

    Principles of Marketing | Consumer Behavior | International Marketing | Advertising | Personal Selling | Sales Management

  • Foundations of Public Relations
    Introductory Class to PR

    In this class, I learned an overview of the communication skills and basic knowledge of pubic relations messaging. I learned how to create digital and print press releases, how to construct campaign proposals, the types of publications used in PR (i.e. brochures, newsletters, pamphlets), along with the responsibilities for creating and executing events. We also learned about crisis communication and the duties and responsibilities that come with a crisis or issue.

  • Case Studies and Ethics in PR
    Learning from past PR errors and triumphs

    What I consider to be one of my toughest classes I completed, Case Studies and Ethics in PR heavily focused on past crises and issues that real organizations and companies have dealt with over the years. We were taught critical thinking and the correct steps necessary to handle an issue. Along with learning about past cases, over the term each student created a complete situation analysis of an organization or company of our choosing. The analysis consisted of the full history and background of the company, the current PR issue or opportunity it faced, and in-depth examination of that issue or opportunity along with steps and measures needed to fix the issue or create the opportunity. Many of the outcomes we studied in our cases were used to help us make our own goals, objectives, strategies and tactics for our specific organization. I created my situation analysis on the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF). If you would like to read my analysis, please click here.

  • Survey Research Methods
    Understanding the types of PR research and the methods of evaluating each type

    We learned how to properly create and conduct research for PR. We learned to conduct surveys using Qualtrics, as well as how to conduct focus groups. The class was divided into groups and each group was assigned a client to conduct and evaluate research for. My group's client was the Department of Geology and Geography at Auburn University. The department was experiencing a decline in students majors in the departments fields of study. We conducted a survey of Auburn students to identify opinions and misconceptions students had about geology and geography. We then analyzed our results to come up with recommendations for the department.

  • Style and Design in Public Relations Messages
    Working with HTML, CSS, Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Dreamweaver

    This class is where I created my digital resume and portfolio (i.e. this website). What I consider one of the toughest, but most beneficial classes I took at Auburn, Style and Design taught me how to build a website, the basics of Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, the ins-and-outs of online blogging, writing for publications and navigating Content Management Systems.

    The items in my drop-down menu under my "Portfolio" tab are the projects I have created in this class. I learned how to create infographics, magazines and brochures to help companies complete their clients' stylistic demands.

  • Public Relations Campaigns
    Creating a complete public relations campaign for a client

    This was my capstone public relations class. Public relations Campaigns focused solely on.. you got it, campaigns! We learned about creating client proposals, brainstorming, the proposal and research process and designing a campaign from top to bottom. We worked with an actual client- and in our case it was Fox Sports 1 and Fox Sports U in collaboration with NASCAR. We created groups of roughly 5 people and designed our own PR agency within each group. We created roles, assignments and jobs that each of the group members were responsible for. We then created specific PR campaigns in accordance to what Fox Sports 1 had requested. "A campaign designed to increased television viewership of NASCAR on Fox Sports 1 channels and expand the demographic of NASCAR fans." Each group created their own personalized campaign in conjunction with what was asked, and at the end of the semester we formally presented our proposals to Fox Sports 1, who then chose a winning campaign out of all the groups.
    Fortunate to say, my group was chosen as the winning group. Our campaign, titled "NASCARNOISE," impressed our clients enough to be the winning campaign and is now featured on Fox Sports U's website. For a more in-depth description of our campaign, and to read our complete NASCARNOISE proposal, please visit my "Portfolio" page, under NASCAR & Fox Sports 1.