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Auburn University
Harbert College of Business
Office of Professional and Career Development

Social Media Campaign

Personal Selling Group Assignment

My "Personal Selling" class was paired with the Auburn University Harbert College of Business' Office of Professional and Career Development (OPCD). Our class split into groups and created social media campaigns designed to make students more aware of the OPCD and generate more foot traffic through their social media websites, along with their physical office. Check out my group's campaign below.


Most students were unaware about the OPCD and the various professional resources it offers. The OPCD is designed to help students in professional and career tasks such as building resumes, work attire and etiquette, interview questions and responses and other related work skills. It is considered a valuable resource that is unknown to most students.


We suggested to increase their presence on social media websites to target students' interests. The need to become more relevant to students and more engaging online so that students will be more willing to visit the physical office was our main emphasis.